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Relieve Your Eye Pressure & Prevent Further Vision Loss

As the longest standing ophthalmology practice in Canal Winchester, Grove City and the greater metropolitan area, Moses-Mouser & Associates has deep experience in Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS), helping to recover the healthy vision and quality of life of thousands of patients over the years.

Glaucoma surgery can significantly slow the progression of glaucoma, which if untreated, can lead to an irreversible loss of vision. Our seasoned, professional eye doctors provide a wealth of experience, state-of-the-art equipment and a caring and personalized approach to make sure you have the experience you deserve.

Healthy Vision vs Glaucoma Vision

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is the Leading Cause of Blindness for People Over 60

Glaucoma is a serious condition that affects the lives of many people. It is especially prevalent for adults over the age of 60. Glaucoma is a progressive deterioration of the optic nerve that is generally caused by a buildup of pressure inside the eye. In the case of glaucoma, this intraocular pressure builds to an extent that irreparably damages the optic nerve if not treated in a timely fashion.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as a loss of peripheral vision, pain or blurriness in the eyes, seeing halos or dark spots, or a general haziness of the eyes, we want to make sure you get a thorough screening so that we can assess a proper course of treatment. Our commitment is to educate and inform you of all outcomes, treatment possibilities, as well as potential risks, and let you make the decision within a comfortable and friendly environment.

Intraocular Lens

Types of Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma Surgery Options to Improve Drainage & Relieve Eye Pressure

Our caring eye doctors perform a variety of procedures and treatments within our friendly offices located throughout Canal Winchester and Grove City, Ohio, including glaucoma surgery to relieve your pain and symptoms and get you back to living your best life.

Laser Therapy

Moses-Mouser & Associates provides a highly effective treatment known as Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT). This is an office based procedure that lowers the eye pressure to treat glaucoma by applying painless, laser techniques using state-of-the-art equipment.

Minimally Invasive

Our caring and experienced eye doctors will always review all options and potential treatments with you. All of our surgical procedures are minimally invasive and most are bladeless and completely pain-free.

Helping You See Better Has Never Been This Simple

Full Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Experience the difference at Moses-Mouser & Associates. Our vision specialists take time to listen to your unique needs while performing a comprehensive eye exam to determine the best options for your vision correction.

Discuss Treatment Options

Discuss Treatment Options

Whether discussing treatment options for simple vision corrections or a more involved surgical approach, our courteous, experienced eye doctors will walk you through each option so you can make the best decision for you.

Schedule Your Treatment

Schedule Your Treatment

At this point, you will choose your eyewear or schedule a time for your procedure. We are committed to answering all of your questions and will explain complicated procedures in a way you can understand.

Post Treatment Follow Up

Post Treatment Follow Up

From the beginning of treatment to the end, our focus remains on you and your eye health. Whether picking up new eyewear or following up with one of our eye doctors for a post-surgical exam, we pride ourselves on providing a convenient, hassle-free experience.

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"Just wonderful, caring people. Thank you Dr. Mouser for taking the extra time and tests to find my problem"

Five Star Review

Jennifer C.

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"Very friendly and thorough. When you're here, you feel like family and get treated like a person and not a client. Absolutely love it here."

Five Star Review
Jeremy F.

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"This is a wonderful doctor's office. They are always caring and very kind and helpful."

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