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The First Step to Better Vision is an Eye Exam

The experienced and caring eye doctors at Moses-Mouser & Associates make getting an eye exam painless and hassle-free.

Getting a routine eye exam is the first and most important step you can take in caring for the long-term health of your eyes and vision. Even if you do not perceive any noticeable symptoms, it is still advisable that you schedule regular exams to ensure you preemptively address any potential eye diseases or problems. Moses-Mouser & Associates offers the highest quality eye care services to everyone in the Grove City and Greater Columbus, Ohio areas, with a dedicated focus on the individual patients’ unique needs.

What is an Eye Exam?

Regular Vision Exams Will Help Keep Your Eyes Healthy

The short answer to this very important question is yes. By taking advantage of routine eye care services with the caring eye doctors at Moses-Mouser & Associates, you can preemptively find out if you are at risk for eye diseases or any other potential vision complications while also actively caring for the long-term health of your eyes.

An eye exam at our Grove City, OH office is quite unlike most doctors’ office experiences. We put our patients first and make sure that you are not only comfortable within the eye exam environment, but also while scheduling your appointment, entering our facilities, and working with our caring and dedicated support staff. Whether you are a resident of Canal Winchester or Grove City, OH, you can trust the experienced professionals at Moses-Mouser & Associates for all of your eye care needs. From routine eye exam services to eyeglasses, contact lenses, optical surgery procedures, and post-operative care.

Sometimes All You Need is a New Perspective

New Patients Accepted

New Patients Accepted

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Eye Vision Specialists

Eye & Vision Specialists

70+ Years of Servicing Valued Patients

70+ Years of Servicing Valued Patients

Helping You See Better Has Never Been This Simple

Full Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Experience the difference at Moses-Mouser & Associates. Our vision specialists take time to listen to your unique needs while performing a comprehensive eye exam to determine the best options for your vision correction.

Discuss Treatment Options

Discuss Treatment Options

Whether discussing treatment options for simple vision corrections or a more involved surgical approach, our courteous, experienced eye doctors will walk you through each option so you can make the best decision for you.

Schedule Your Treatment

Schedule Your Treatment

At this point, you will choose your eyewear or schedule a time for your procedure. We are committed to answering all of your questions and will explain complicated procedures in a way you can understand.

Post Treatment Follow Up

Post Treatment Follow Up

From the beginning of treatment to the end, our focus remains on you and your eye health. Whether picking up new eyewear or following up with one of our eye doctors for a post-surgical exam, we pride ourselves on providing a convenient, hassle-free experience.

Patient Reviews

We're Happy to Serve the Amazing People in Our Community

Five Star Review from Jennifer C..

"Just wonderful, caring people. Thank you Dr. Mouser for taking the extra time and tests to find my problem"

Five Star Review

Jennifer C.

Five Star Review from Jeremy F.

"Very friendly and thorough. When you're here, you feel like family and get treated like a person and not a client. Absolutely love it here."

Five Star Review
Jeremy F.

Five Star Review from Donna F.

"This is a wonderful doctor's office. They are always caring and very kind and helpful."

Five Star Review
Donna F.

See What You've Been Missing

Schedule an appointment at one of our locations in the Canal Winchester or Grove City area. Our state-of-the-art equipment, a broad selection of eyeglasses, prescription contacts, and our compassionate eye doctor team will have you seeing why people choose Moses-Mouser & Associates.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new patient, what is my eye doctor looking for during the visit?

During the visit, your doctor will use various optometry equipment, tests, and procedures to get a clear picture of your overall eye health. First, the Dr. will perform a thorough examination of the outer and inner surface of your eye. The Dr. will also ask you about your current health history, including if you have any noticeable issues with your eyes, such as blurry vision, itchiness, or eye twitches.

Your family history is important, too. Your Dr. will ask about whether anyone in your family has had a diagnosis of an ocular disease like glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration.

Depending on your specific needs, your Dr. may also check the inner eye pressure and certain other factors. The rest of your visit will focus on how well you see and if your eyes work together properly. 

Based on what is found during the examination, your Dr. will let you know about the state of your vision, eye health, and vision plans. 

For more information about eye and vision exams, this article by the American Academy of Ophthalmology delivers the basics.

Does a vision exam hurt?

No. Some patients might say there is a bit of discomfort during a vision exam, like when asked to look into a bright light or when your inner eye pressure is measured (done by directing a bright light or when administering the dilation drops). However, exams are painless, safe, and relatively quick.

What is a dilated vision exam?

Dilation of your eyes gives your Dr. the ability to see inside your eyes, evaluate the health and the important structures within, including the light-sensitive retinas.

How often should you get vision exams?

We recommend that everyone receives a vision exam at least yearly, even if you see well and do not think you need eyeglasses or contact lenses. The eyes are unique and do not have pain-detecting nerves on the inside. If there is an issue, you will not know unless your vision is affected. Therefore, prevention is the key to eye care.

When should my child’s first eye care exam be?

At Moses-Mouser & Associates, we recommend a child’s first exam should be around age 1. Then again, at the age of 3, before starting grade school (between the age of 5-6 years), and yearly after that. If you notice any concerns with your child—an eye turn, excessive rubbing of the eyes, needing to hold toys close to see —be sure to call sooner.

If there is a problem with your child’s sight, it is best to correct it as quickly as possible as eyesight is crucial for intellectual development—it would be challenging to learn to read, walk, eat, and play if you cannot see!