4 Reasons You Need To Visit the Eye Doctor This Year

Nov 2, 2020 | Eye Exams

Over 1 billion people worldwide have an eyesight impairment that they are unaware of or which could have been prevented. Visiting your Eye Doctor in Canal Winchester, Ohio, isn’t just for when you think you might need glasses. A check-up can help detect eye diseases early and protect your eyes’ general health for longer. Moses-Mouser & Associates are on hand with four reasons you need to visit the Eye Doctor this year.

How Can You Tell If You Need Glasses?

You might consider your vision 20-20, but a visit to the Eye Doctor might reveal minor distance or near vision impairment that requires glasses or contact lenses. If you suffer from headaches or blurry vision after focusing for long periods, you might need lenses. A quick visit to your Eye Doctor in Canal Winchester, Ohio, will help resolve the issue and set you up with the prescription you need. Even a minor vision problem can lead to double-vision, light-sensitivity, and even severe migraines.

Eye-strain can affect anyone, but it is often reported after long periods in front of a computer in our modern laptop-focused age. If you or your child is suffering from eye-strain, it might be due to vision impairment. Moses-Mouser & Associates can conduct a quick eye exam to assess whether you need glasses. Purchasing lenses at an early age or from the start of minor vision-impairment can also help preserve your vision for longer.

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To Catch Eye Disease Early

Catching eye diseases early can significantly assist in treating them before there is any substantial damage to vision. Eye Doctors are experts in a wide range of eye diseases like cornea diseases and can ensure they are caught and treated as quickly as possible. Scheduling regular appointments with your Eye Doctor in Canal Winchester, Ohio, will ensure that any changes to your eye are detected quickly so that we can recommend the right course of treatment. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other health conditions, scheduling appointments can also effectively manage conditions like diabetic retinopathy

If you experience blurry vision, problems focusing, or double-vision, book an appointment with your Eye Doctor immediately. Conditions like Cataracts and Glaucoma can be treated early and prevent further damage to the eye after one simple consultation. Individuals might not experience any symptoms of eye diseases until they have progressed and caused damage, so routine appointments are the best prevention for them. Many eye diseases also have no symptoms, which is why only an Eye Doctor can spot them.

Verify Your Prescription

Your eyes continuously change as you get older, and your prescription might alter drastically over the space of a few months. Even minor changes require an updated prescription. Often with a slight decline, you don’t notice how much better your vision becomes once your prescription has been updated. A quick visit to your Eye Doctor can determine whether your prescription needs updating, so you can purchase a new pair of eyeglasses. A quick prescription update can prevent headaches, double vision, or trouble focusing. A prescription update is also an excellent opportunity to discuss potential upgrades to your glasses, like anti-glare for work or even prescription sunglasses ahead of your next holiday.

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Try-On New Glasses

Have you had the same pair of glasses for years? You might want a change and be ready to try on a new set of frames. Or, you might have put up with loose frames or nose pieces that can be quickly fixed with a visit to the Eye Doctor. If you’re fed up with wearing glasses all the time, you can also trial contact lenses with your next visit to your Eye Doctor in Canal Winchester, Ohio. We can help you try the lenses before you leave us, so you can be confident in your decision to wear contacts. Glasses are a permanent fixture on your face, so we understand that a modern set of frames is essential for daily life.

Moses-Mouser & Associates have served Canal Winchester, and it’s neighboring Ohio communities for over 45 years. Whether you’re a veteran glasses wearer looking for a change or embarking on your first eye check, we’re here to support you. Our priority is you as the customer, which is why we’ll always discuss options with you before every eye test or glasses purchase. If you’re an Ohio resident looking for an Eye Doctor, contact us today for more information or to schedule your first appointment with us.